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Instruction: how to pair our bigger remote for Assistent 50, Eclipse, Conductor ...


In case the remote doesn`t work, please follow the instructions:

– Make sure that the batteries are fitting tight at their place.

– On the back side of the remote through a little hole you can see a blue LED .Located on the PC board of the remote.

– Now press at the same time the volume up and down button together, untill the LED flashes, then stop doing so.

– If it flashes 1 time, the remote is for the CONDUCTOR
– 2 times for the EKLIPSE and 3 times for the ASSISTENT 50.

– You can change the program of the remote by pressing the buttons of the volume, untill the LED is flashing as much as you need to be the correct program.

Last update: 2014-02-05 19:24
Author: AudioValve, Helmut
Revision: 1.0

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